StormTech®— Underground Stormwater Retention/Detention System

Where: Lorette, MB

What: A private developer was undertaking a land development project in a residential area. Confined land space did not allow for a traditional stormwater pond and an alternate stormwater solution was needed. StormTech®, an underground stormwater chamber system carried by Titan, was the product of choice for this project.

StormTech® is an intricate engineered system comprised of polypropylene chambers, aggregate, geotextile, and at times geomembrane. They work together to collect rain water, separate sediment material and allow clean water to percolate into the ground. When it rains water enters the system through a catch basin and is directed to an isolation area where sediment is flushed. As the water rises, it flows out of the isolation area into adjacent chambers where it passes through fabric and trickles back into the ground.

Titan supplied both woven and nonwoven geotextile, and approximately 118 cubic meters of water storage capacity / SC-310 StormTech® chambers. This solution offered lower overall installation costs, design flexibility, and allowed for development of the land property above while meeting stormwater management requirements.

Why Titan: We were selected as the supplier for this project because of our attention to customer needs, our focus on service and our ability to provide site support during installation.