Titan Tubes – Lagoon Desludging 

Where: Invermere Lagoon (Invermere, British Columbia)

What: Over time the accumulation of bio-solids in municipal lagoons affects holding capacity which requires desludging. In this project, Titan Tubes were used to remove bio-solid sludge with the objective of increasing the lagoon’s capacity. Slurry from the lagoon was pumped into approximately 6- 60’x100’ Titan Tubes, which were contained in a temporary sloped berm lined with 20 mil Titan TRP-200R geomembrane. As the tubes dewatered, the liquid flowed into a depressed sump area where it was pumped out and the bio-solids remained in the tubes for disposal after drying.

Why Titan: Not only did titan supply the Titan Tubes but we successfully completed the desludging project, which had been abandoned by the previous contractor, and offered value-added service by lining the temporary berm. Because of this and the client’s satisfaction with our work, we were later contracted to re-line the lagoon cell which we also completed successfully.