Wick Vapour Drain

Titan’s Wick Vapour Drain is a gas venting system installed underneath a lagoon geomembrane liners to prevent methane gas build up that can damage the liner.  Wicks, which look like flat tape tubes, are placed between the subgrade and the liner in a 4-8 meter grid pattern along the lagoon floor and slopes. The wicks lead to a 3 – 4″ perforated pipe that is connected to a vent pipe on the outside of the lagoon. Vapour and gas that builds up under the liner is channeled through the wicks to escape from the vent pipe.

Titan’s Wick Vapour Drain can also be installed between the liner and a concrete slab subgrade, with the wick drain being directed to the subgrade drains. The wicking action of the product will hydraulically direct the water that is between the liner and the concrete slab to sub grade drains.