Looking towards the future, Titan is proud to join many influential and industry-leading companies with the official launch of a company-wide Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP). This plan makes it possible for employees to participate in the long-term value growth of the business through the purchase of an ownership interest.

“Employee ownership has been part of Titan’s culture since the start of our Company in 2006. And after many years of evolution and some hurdles along the way, I am thrilled that we are finally able to offer our staff the opportunity to own company stocks and share in our overall success”, says Brett Burkard, CEO. “ My business partners and I recognize that what is good for the us, as principal owners of the business, is also good for employees who give their best to the company’s continuous operation. We believe that both investment ownership and work contribution make a company successful and that’s why we decided to implement this plan.”

The company invested considerable time and resources to bring the ESOP to fruition and sees this investment as key to taking the business to the next level by attracting, retaining and developing the right people for success. This plan is designed as the foundation for the company’s long-term success, team-building, and collective prosperity.