Mines depend on consistent access for site safety, operational efficiency, and profitability. Delays in access can quickly cost active mines millions of dollars in lost production, and that can determine the fate of a site’s continued operation. Titan’s geotechnical solution involving its composite geogrid on mine haul roads in Norther Ontario have proven to be a highly effective strategy to keep the mine running.

For the project site, the interface of the sub-base and the subgrade presented a concern. There, the presence of compacted clay with blast rock/granite base course meant that at the interface the unreinforced roads would be susceptible to lateral movement of particles under the heavy axle loads. This weakness would cause pumping and an upward movement of the subgrade fines. The sub-base could fail substantially. The repetitive heavy dump truck traffic also meant that heavy dynamic loads would be concentrated over this weak subgrade and result in higher differential settlement.

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