Titan Tubes – Temporary Water Containment

Ryley, Alberta

Who: Beaver Municipal Landfill

What: Titan was hired to construct a new landfill cell at Beaver Municipal Landfill as part of an expansion project.  During this time, the area experienced heavy rains that washed out containment berms in the existing cell. This caused leachate water to flow into an area of the new cell that Titan was constructing.  Due to this Beaver Municipal Landfill  required an immediate solution to this problem.  Responding quickly, Titan provided our custom made water storage bags, Titan Tubes, as a quick and cost efficient way to store the leachate water.  These range from 50′ – 120′ in Length by 6′ to 9′ in height and hold approximately 27,000 to 60,000 gallons of water. They were designed and constructed on-site and successfully stored a total of 450,000 gallons of leachate water which was then treated and discharged into a storage pond outside of the landfill cell. The landfill then kept the bags and stored them for re-use at a later date if required.

Why Titan: We were asked to provide a quick solution to the unforeseen problem and were able to respond immediately.  This was a valuable solution to the client as it prevented them from having to shut down their operation and allowed us to continue work on the new cell while minimizing delays.