Geodesic Dome – Dry Lime Storage Facility

Exshaw, Alberta

Who:  Lafarge Holcim

What: This project involved erecting an impressive aluminum geodesic dome as part of a dry Lime storage facility. Measuring 46 meters (150 ft) high and spanning 111 meters (364 ft), about the length of a football field, this dome is considered one of the largest in Canada.  Resting on a concrete footing it provides weather proof storage for dry lime used in cement manufacturing. Titan was re¬sponsible to build the entire dome which included assembling and utilizing an impressive 91 meter (300 ft) centrally located tower to facilitate lifting and construction in sections.

Why Titan: We were selected for a variety of reasons including our proven resume with construction of geodesic aluminum domes, as well as our ability to provide a well-staffed working crew to meet the project requirements and comply with high safety and QAQC standards.