Mine Haul Roads – TE-BXC Geogrid

////Mine Haul Roads – TE-BXC Geogrid
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Mine Haul Roads - TE-BXC Geogrid

Mine Haul Roads – TE-BXC Geogrid

Northern Ontario

Who: A major mining company

What: We supplied more than 100,000 m2 of TE-BXC40 & TE-BXC30 geogrid that was used in the construction of haul roads at a mine site in Northern Ontario. Built on compacted clay with blast rock/granite, these haul roads are essentially fingers that extend into a mine pit providing passage for numerous 240 tonne rock trucks to dump ore.

Why Titan: Titan worked with the client and provided a pre-design using TE-BXC40 geogrid as the reinforcement layer for the haul roads/fingers. Not only is this geogrid reinforcing the road structure but it is also preventing the rock from migrating into the clay and weakening the road. Additionally it is providing significant cost savings to the client by allowing them to use less subgrade rock than originally planned (0.7 m vs 1.0 m).

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