Operation Process Pond – Fabric Formed Concrete Armor

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Who: Nexen Kinosis Process Pond

What: Operation Process Pond for the SAGD (Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage) Nexen Kinosis Facility which consists of 2 overflow spill areas that required a multi liner containment of High Temp Hazgard liner material. Due to the process system, the process water is recycled and then pumped back into the process pond to be reused. A fabric formed concrete armor was then installed over the top of the liner in both areas to protect the liners from hot process fluids and wear from the sand/water mixture. SAGD Operations is the way of the future for oil and gas production.

Why Titan:  Titan has become one of the fastest growing suppliers and installers in the Northern Alberta Oil and Gas Industry. We were selected for this project because Titan is one of the few companies that can supply and  install fabric formed concrete armor. Due to the requirements set by the owner, Titan was asked to complete this work in -35 degree winter conditions. Working in these types of conditions required special safety and environmental procedures to ensure that the project was completed safely, on time, and according to all requirements.