Sewer Tunnel Extension – Concrete Protection Liner

Calgary, Alberta

Who: Ward & Burke Microtunnelling

What: Titan joined forces with Ward & Burke Microtunnelling on a sewer tunnel extension project. The tunnel made of 640—3 meter (10 ft) long sections of concrete pipe ranging from 1.5-1.8 meters (5-6 ft) and lined with a 1.5mm HDPE studded protective geomembrane (Concrete Protection Liner) extends under Calgary’s Bow River.
Working with a pre-caster Titan supplied the Concrete Protection Liner that was inserted into the wet concrete when casting the pipe. Once the concrete cured the liner embedment strip formed an integral part of the pipe surface for long-term protection against chemical, gas and corrosion attack. As pipe sections were put into place and butted against each other, Titan also capped the joints using extrusion welders to prevent sewer leakage. Over the course of this project an im¬pressive network of 6 tunnels were built covering a total distance of 2 km.

Why Titan:   Titan was selected based on our valuable coordination expertise and ability to work with multiple stakehold¬ers to meet the project requirements and get the job done.  During construction we were also commended for our ability to overcome many challenges on site due to high water tables and changing conditions.