Sewer Discharge Tunnel – Concrete Protection Liner

Calgary, Alberta

Who: Kidco Construction Solutions

What:  Building on our tunnel project experience this job involved welding joints within a sanitary truck sewer discharge tunnel in Calgary, Alberta.  Measuring 2.7 km, this discharge tunnel is made of pre-cast concrete pipe sections lined with a high-density polyethylene embedment geomembrane (Concrete Protection Liner) that has anchor studs on one side.  This liner is inserted into the wet concrete and when the concrete cures the embedment strip forms an integral part of the pipe surface providing long-term protection against chemical, gas and corrosion attack. Titan supplied the Concrete Protection Liner and our experienced technicians welded the joints where each pipe section joined to form the tunnel.  A total of 1,300 joints were welded to prevent sewer off-gassing from eroding the concrete pipe and subsequently leaking into the earth.

Why Titan:  We were recommended to the client based on our experience with this type of project and our ability to effectively overcome unforeseeable on-site challenges.