Who: Undisclosed

What: The project highlights a custom fit liner for a concrete water holding cell.  This cell had been in service for quite some time and had developed leaks due to concrete aging which  threatened contamination and the tank’s continued use.  To address this Titan installed a 60 mil HDPE geomembrane liner which would protect the concrete cell from leaking , prevent water contamination and ensure water potability.

This particular cell was located right beside a power room. This meant that there had to be a zero leak factor which was achieved by negative air pressure testing, utilizing an ultrasonic listening device to detect any deficiencies in the liner before it could be filled.

This solution helped prolong the cell’s life span and provided the owner with a cost effective alternative to replacement. Additionally lining the cell helped protect and minimize any corrosion of the structural rebar.

Why Titan:  We were chosen for this project due to our extensive lining experience including lining in ground reverse pyramids, multi-level floors with pillars supporting a concrete floor, 5 million gallon fresh water reservoir, round tanks, and other complicated shapes.