Two-Layer Geosynthetic System–Landfill Cell Expansion

Fort McMurray, Alberta

Who: Wood Buffalo Regional Landfill

What: Municipal Landfill Cell Expansion consisting of a two-layer liner system including HDPE double-sided textured liner and a Geocomposite drainage system. Using GSE’s High flow drainage composites and textured liners allowed for Leachate collection to work in all weather conditions from -45 to +40 degrees. This type of design allows for the containment of class 1 and class 2 landfill waste in a cost efficient manner.

Why Titan:  Titan was asked to complete this work by the engineering firm as we have had great success with EBA, and the General Contractor. We were able to provide the supply and Installation of the best products in the industry. Titan also works with the most up to date equipment which allows for an efficient and cost effective installation. With our strict safety and production requirements, we were able to complete this work on budget and ahead of schedule. Although this project occurred late in the construction season where we encountered difficult weather, our professional crews were still able to complete the work on time.