Two-Layer Geosynthetic System–Wastewater Lagoon

Elk Point, Alberta

Who: Elk Point Wastewater Treatment Facility

What: Lining of a sewage and wastewater lagoon consisting of a two-layer geosynthetic lining system. It was designed with Nonwoven Geotextile and High Performance HDPE.  This geomembrane was chosen because it exceeded the requirements set by the Owner and Engineer for this project.

Why Titan:  Titan was able to work with the engineering firm and technical product personnel  to provide the project with the best materials in the Industry. Due to the tight scheduling, Titan was able to provide a larger crew which completed this 20,000m2 multi-layer project in 5 days. This allowed the project to stay on schedule and eliminated any potential delays in providing water to the Town of Elk Point.