Cable Concrete® — Road Overtopping Protection (St. Adolphe, MB)

St. Adolphe, Manitoba

Who: Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation (MIT)

What:   Manitoba Infrastructure & Transportation chose Cable Concrete® CC45 mats for an erosion protection project in St. Adolphe on Twin Creek Road located near the Seine River Diversion at Provincial Road 200. The decision to use this product was based on a need for greater protection from overtopping caused by common road flooding in the spring. By tying into a concrete road surface CC45Cable Concrete® offers a superior erosion control measure. It was installed with a TRM underlay, stainless steel clamps and backfilled with topsoil to be seeded.

Why Titan: We proposed a unique solution to this on-going environmental challenge while providing value for money with attractive pricing, product expertise and on-site installation guidance.