Headway Channel–Canal3 Geocomposite & Fabric Formed Concrete Armor

Volcano Creek, BC

Who: Alta Gas

What: This project involved lining a headway channel at the Forest Kerr Hydro Electric Water Plant in Volcano Creek, British Columbia.  We installed a two-layer lining system, the first was a layer of Canal3 Geocomposite liner which consists of two 8oz. polyester non-woven geotextile layers bonded to a 20 mil polyethylene geomembrane. The geotextile layers provide cushioning to the geomembrane that acts as primary containmment ensuring that no leaks arise from irregularities in the sub-grade or from other pressure.  Fabric Formed Concrete Armor was installed over the Canal3 Geocomposite liner as the second layer. This consists of a slightly dimpled double-wall woven nylon geotextile. Once deployed, a water rich cement mixture is pumped through a small incision made on the up slope portion of the material. Our technicians then ensure that the concrete is uniformly distributed within. After curing it exhibits compressive strength equal to a traditional concrete slab of the same depth. The uniform distribution of concrete within the block matt also allows virtually no water to pass through, making it highly impermeable.

Why Titan:  Titan has become one of the fastest growing suppliers and installers of geosynthetics in Canada. We were selected for this project because we provided a superior alternative to the conventional solution for this application while ensuring cost effectiveness and that the channel walls would remain both impermeable and durable. We are one of the few companies that can both supply and install Fabric Formed Concrete Armor and are also the Canadian distributor of Canal3 Geocomposite Liners. Working in a remote location required special safety and environmental procedures which we were also able to meet. In the end Titan’s solution helped the client complete their hydroelectric facility two years in advance of projected completion providing significant time and cost savings.

For more details, read the comprehensive Case Study on this project.