Concrete Lining

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This is an example of how Titan can make a custom fit liner for a concrete cell.

The liner was installed to ensure that the contents of the tank would guarantee water potability, and protect the concrete cell from leaking. This tank had been in service for quite some time and had developed leaks that became unacceptable. These leaks threatened the tank’s continued use. Lining the tank with 60 mil HDPE was a cost effective solution to increasing the tank’s life span.

This particular cell was located right beside a power room. This meant that there had to be a zero leak factor which was achieved by negative air pressure testing, utilizing an ultrasonic listening device to detect any deficiencies in the liner before it could be filled.

Other added benefits to this 60 mil HDPE lined concrete tank is that the liner will help protect and minimize any corrosion of the structural rebar.

Advantages to lining a concrete tank:

  • Cost effective for the customer
  • Provides a permanent solution for fluid containment for the life span of the tank

Our experienced staff have lined:

  • In ground reverse pyramid
  • Multi-level floors with pillars supporting a concrete floor
  • 5 million gallon fresh water reservoir
  • Round tanks, and even complicated shapes
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