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Channel Application: Fabric Formed Concrete Armor

Alta Gas Ltd. selected Titan to help construct the intake channel for its hydroelectric facility project at a remote location in Northern British Columbia, Canada. Varying river discharge and turbulent flows meant that the client needed a reliable but cost-effective appraoch to ensure the intake channel’s functionality for decades to come.

The hydroelectric facility diverts flow from the river to an intake channel located upstream from turbines that generate power. No reservoir is used in this operation so flows within the intake channel are turbulent with varying seasonal discharge. The challenge was to design and build an intake channel with walls that would be impermeable and highly resistant to erosion debris and puncture damage that would result in expensive repairs. Titan therefore proposed a cost-effective geosynthetic solution for construction of the channel ensuring both impermeability and durability of the channel walls. This consisted of a multi-layer system comprised of Canal3® 8208 geocomposite liner and Fabric Formed Concrete Armor which proved to be the perfect for this application.  While meeting client needs this system also allowed them to complete the hydroelectric facility two years in advance of anticipated completion, providing significant time and cost savings.

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