Mine Haul Road Stabilization

This application involves the construction of a haul roads that extend into a mine pit an provide passage for rock dump trucks weighing several hundred tons. The site soil characteristics were such that the haul roads would be built on compacted clay with blast rock/granite base course making for a weak subgrade. Without proper reinforcement at the interface of the sub-base and the sub-grade there would be lateral movement of soil particles and upward movement of subgrade fines. Repetitive heavy dump truck traffic also meant that heavy dynamic loads would be concentrated over the weak subgrade resulting in higher differential settlement.

Considering the characteristics of the subgrade soil in this scenario, both reinforcement and separation functions were important for optimal road performance. To ensure this, Titan proposed a solution which consisted of our TE-BXC40 composite geogrid installed at the bottom of the aggregate base layer. This solution resulted in significant cost savings for the client by reducing the quantity of aggregate base needed from 1.0 mm to 0.7 mm, while also reducing the project’s carbon footprint.

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