TRP (Reinforced Polyethylene)

Titan TRP geomembranes are a reinforced polyethylene fabric with an HDPE or LDPE coating. Designed for economical and safe containment of contaminated soils, liquids or sludge these geomembranes are extremely durable whether you are lining a temporary retaining pond, or constructing a soil remediation pad.  Ultra-violet, chemical and even oil resistant, TRP remains flexible in extremely low temperatures.  It  looks and feels like a thick industrial quality tarp and is used in the construction our Titan Geotube containment cells.


  • Incredibly strong.
  • Oil resistant.
  • Easy to handle and can be folded to fit the contours of many applications.
  • Can be prefabricated into very large panels to line an entire project.
  • Small repairs can be handled by the contractor if the installers are not on site.
  • Fast installation for emergency applications.
  • Available in panels and comes in varying thicknesses ranging from 12 to 36 mil depending on your requirements.


  • Canals
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Municipal Applications
  • Aquaculture & Horticulture
  • Covers
  • Landfill Liners, Covers, & Caps
  • Liquid Containment
  • Secondary Containment
  • Animal Waste Containment
  • Mining-Heap Leach & Slag Tailings
  • Temporary Containment Cells
  • Brine & Processed Water Applications
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment & Containment
  • Industrial Tarps
  • Environmental Containment
  • Soil Remediation

Installation Notes:

  • A very technical product, TRP installation requires specialized welding equipment and must be installed by certified welding technicians to be ensure its integrity and performance.
  • The material is very sensitive to thermal welds, so we only recommend a couple of in the field seams during the installation. Usually we would design the job around 1 or 2 panels with 1 center weld. For larger jobs we would refer the product spec to 40 mil HDPE or LLDPE.

Please click below to view a  Specification Sheet or contact one of Titan’s technical sales representatives for technical assistance.

TRP-12 OR (12mil)
TRP-20 OR (20mil)
TRP-24 OR (24mil)
TRP-30 OR (30mil)
TRP-36 OR (36mil)