Teranap Bituminous Geomembrane (BGM)

Titan is proud to partner with Siplast, a leader in the development and manufacture of the world’s most advanced waterproofing materials, to offer and install Teranap BGM in North America.

Bituminous Geomembrane 1A unique high performance elastomeric bituminous geomembrane, Teranap combines SBS polymer and the highest quality asphalt with puncture resistant polyester reinforcements. This special combination dramatically increases performance in key areas such as mechanical properties, cold flexibility, elasticity, and resistance to the elements. The result is a geomembrane that consistently maintains its integrity in an ever-changing environment and has proven itself a reliable, practical, and durable liner for concrete and earthen canals, settling basins, embankment stabilization, dams, mine waste containment, waste water storage, reservoirs, and ponds. It is also suitable for use in potable water storage and hatchery applications.

Manufactured to exhausting Siplast specifications, and installed by the Titan Team bringing over 300 years of combined geosynthetic site management and installation experience to any project, the Titan-Siplast Teranap partnership offers unrivalled quality from production to final installation.

Benefits of Teranap:

  • Excellent resistance to ageing due to the elastomeric bitumen compound Bituminous Geomembrane 2enabling the material to retain its elasticity for extensive periods
  • High resistance to puncturing allows Teranap TP to be laid on a substrate which is not specially prepared.
  • Double protection by polyester film surfacing and a thick polyester fabric reinforcement.
  • Resistance to root penetration: Test FMPA Germany.
  • Resistance to numerous chemical agents depending on the concentration.
  • Potability: Test in USA: ANSI /NSF.
  • Easy anchoring and joining to concrete structures.
  • Reliability and simplicity in application:
    • Once unrolled, the overlaps can be immediately sealed by propane torch. This simple welding method is less dependent on weather conditions and less sensitive to dirt.
    • Less stress due to temperature, humidity or dust during application

Teranap Common Applications:

  • Canals & irrigation
  • Concrete dams
  • Embankment dams
  • Tailing dams & ponds
  • Wastewater
  • Mining
  • Tunnels

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Teranap 431 2M
Teranap 431 4M
Teranap 531 TP 4M
Teranap 631 TP 4M