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Base Reinforcement Geogrid (TE-BXC)

Titan’s TE-BXC is a composite geogrid designed for base reinforcement applications, consisting of our TE-PP biaxial geogrid heat bonded to a non-woven needle punched geotextile. TE-BXC composite characteristics and high-modulus reinforcement properties provide combined soil stabilization/reinforcement with enhanced soil separation and filtration performance. This makes it very effective in stabilizing weak soils that are saturated and susceptible to piping while allowing sub-base drainage to maintain soil structural stability. Additionally, TE-BXC’s geotextile  feature works to keep expensive imported material from being contaminated by migration of fines from the saturated base soils.


  • Soil stabilization/reinforcement for weak saturated soils.
  • Base stabilization.
  • Site sub-grade improvement & sub-base reinforcement.
  • Railway ballast reinforcement over soft soils.
  • Heavy duty pavements.
  • Foundation support.
  • Parking lots.
  • Temporary military roads
  • Access roads for oil platforms.
  • Mine haul roads.
  • Forestry and logging roads.
  • Coastal roads.
  • Under transmission line towers on weak and saturated sub-grade.

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