Turbidity Curtain

A turbidity curtain is an effective solution at construction sites near waterways that inevitably suffer from erosion, turbidity and unwanted silt build-up.

Also known as silt curtains, the turbidity curtains by Titan are a floating vinyl barrier featuring a heavy duty float and ballast weight chain system that suspends the silt curtain in the water. Used by contractors when working on projects around water, the curtain works as a shield to stop silt and sediment allowing these particles to settle rather than flow into other parts of the body of water.  The turbidity curtain allows contractors to do their work while protecting the surrounding aquatic environment.

Turbidity Curtain 1

  • Modular and Reusable.
  • Manufactured from a high-strength geotextile fabric.
  • Heavy duty floating system.
  • Available in standard and custom sizes.

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TE-M18 Body, Float, & Ballast Pocket Material (Monofilament Geotextile)

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