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Silt Fence

Titan’s Silt Fence is a temporary sediment control device that is used around the perimeter of construction areas to help protect streams, rivers, and lakes from contamination by silt, sediment and construction debris. It consists of a geomembrane which is stretched between a series of wooden stakes. The fabric we use is manufactured using UV stabilized, high tenacity polypropylene yarns that are woven to form a dimensionally stable network. This fabric is highly durable and provides excellent water flow and silt retention.

Silt Fence Applications

Silt Fence 1
  • Along the perimeter of a project
  • Below the toe or down slope of exposed and erodible slopes
  • Along streams and channels
  • Around temporary spoil areas and stockpiles
  • Below other small cleared areas

This is one of the most effective temporary sediment control devices available. It can withstand concentrated flows, heavy winds, and retain up to 18 inches of sediment. Our Silt Fences are inexpensive, recyclable, and easy to install. They are available in 3′ x 100′ rolls. See our installation drawing below.


Silt Fence Installation