Titan is a proud to carry WaterBloc, your flood protection and water diversion solution!

WaterBloc is a deployable tube-like product made of industrial grade PVC. Using the water that you are working against it is water-inflated and quickly transformed into a dike or cofferdam for water protection and/or diversion needs. From fittings to fabric every component used in manufacturing is made specifically for these applications. Engineered for stability, WaterBloc’s safety factor against rolling or sliding is more than 10 times greater than comparable single-chambered products.


  • No anchors, straps or imported aggregate needed—just water.
  • Quick deployment, inflation and decommissioning = time savings. (eg. a 36” high x 50’ long section
    can be deployed and inflated in approx. 45 mins replacing about 2000 properly placed sandbags.)
  • Drained/decommissioned by controlled pumping.
  • Minimal environmental impact upon decommissioning.
  • Reusable.
  • Higher safety factor than single-chambered products.


  • Industrial grade PVC.
  • Integral lifting strap included at the end of each section.
  • Mechanically reinforced ends prevent end seem blowout.
  • Simple and efficient fill ports & amp; drain.
  • Each section contains the appropriate number of fill ports with between 2” to 4” ID.
  • 2” Camlock fill spout adapter for quick and efficient pump connection.

Click on our information sheet below for more details.  Rental option is available, please contact us for more information.

WaterBloc Info Sheet


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