Aluminum Domes

Need an efficient way to cover your tank or round structure, we have a great solution with our custom sized geodesic aluminum domes. We supply and install our domes across Canada.
Check out some of the great advantages that are making our domes the most popular roofing system for large tanks & round structures:

  • Ability to span large diameters with no center supports
  • High structural integrity and snow shedding ability which is able to withstand even the most severe snow loading in Canada
  • Optional Patented R20 Insulation System
  • All materials breakdown to pallet size shipments allowing for easy shipping & containerizing if shipping by Truck, Rail, or Boat.
  • Quick and easy installation and mounting to new and/or existing tank and structures.
  • If dome is being installed on a new RTP tank, the dome can be erected solely with the synchronized jacking system eliminating the need for costly or simply unavailable cranes.

For more information about dome fabrication, please contact one of Titan’s technical sales representatives.