CC Hydro™ 

Concrete Impregnated Containment

Titan is proud to offer CC Hydro ™  Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Barrier (GCCB), the world’s first all-in-one armoured impermeable liner for containment applications.

Produced by Concrete Canvas Ltd. and a sister product of Concrete Canvas® (CC), CC Hydro™ combines Concrete Canvas’ concrete impregnated fabric technology with a high impermeable, chemically resistant geomembrane backing. The geomembrane provides a high-performance barrier lining with a testable joint for quality assured containment applications.

The liner incorporates a hi-visibility welding strip allowing joints to be thermally welded providing an air channel for on-site testing. The flexible concrete filled geosynthetic, hardens on hydration, to provide long term protection to the geomembrane from puncture, abrasion, weathering and UV degradation. This hard armour concrete surface effectively eliminates the need for concrete, soil or aggregate top cover, normally required with conventional liner systems.

CC Hydro  Benefits:

  •  All-In-One Solution – CC Hydro  combines the impermeability of a containment liner with the hard armour protection and durability of concrete, reducing install times and simplifying logistics.
  • No Top Cover Required – CC Hydro does not require a protective top cover. This removes the need for additional excavation, the treatment of contaminated arisings and the import of costly fill material.
  • Maintains Volume Capacity – CC Hydro can be laid directly onto existing profiles without loss of volume capacity for refurbishment projects, providing significant overall time and cost savings.
  • Reduced Life-Cycle Costs – CC Hydro provides effective weed suppression eliminating the ongoing maintenance cost of soil covered systems. CC Hydro also reduces the end-of-life costs associated with treatment of any contaminated top cover.

CC Hyrdo™  Features:

  • High Impermeability – CC Hydro has excellent impermeability and has been independently tested to BS-EN-1377 to have a hydraulic conductivity better than 1×10-12 m/s.
  • Durable – CC Hydro has a hard armour surface, protecting the geomembrane liner from puncture, abrasion, weathering, burrowing animals and UV degradation.
  • Chemical Resistance – CC Hydrois to have excellent resistance to a wide range of chemical reagents, including hydrocarbons, digestates and acidic leachates.
  • Testable Joints – CC Hydro incorporates a high-visibility welding strip, allowing the joint to be thermally welded with a double-track or triple-track air channel for fast and simple on-site pressure testing and quality assurance.

CC Hydro™ Applications:

  • Bund Lining – CC Hydro can be used to provide a durable, chemically resistant, high impermeability liner for secondary containment applications. Combining the flexibility of a geomembrane with the hard armour protection of concrete, CC Hydro can be used for bund and berm lining across a wide range of sectors including petrochemical, anaerobic digestion and mine tailings. Concrete Canvas Ltd currently supply 7 out of the top 10 oil and gas operators worldwide.
  • Channel Lining – CC Hydro is rapidly unrolled to provide a high impermeability channel, flume or canal lining for drainage, irrigation or hydroelectric schemes; providing flow characteristics similar to smooth concrete (manning’s = 0.011) and abrasion resistance of approximately 7.5x greater than a 17MPa OPC concrete.
  • Lagoon & Canal Lining – CC Hydroprovides a cost-effective primary containment solution for lagoon and canal lining (for example, river diversions); providing excellent puncture resistance, UV protection and long-term durability.
  • Other – CC Hydro can be used for a wide range of containment applications, whether it be new-build or the remediation of existing infrastructure, for example, storage tank base lining.

CC Hydro Brochure:

Concrete Canvas Hydro Brochure

Concrete Canvas Hydro Data Sheet

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