Our Manitoba staff is teaming-up to pick the trash from the ditches along Hwy 59, near head office, as part Titan’s Adopt a Highway initiative which includes a 24 km stretch of highway from Oak Grove Road to Willow Ridge Road. It is quite the undertaking but is making a remarkable difference and it is encouraging that people are noticing!  Here’s a short feature from a local community newsletter, Spotlight on Ile des Chenes, from May 10, 2019:

“All this week, Titan staff have been out along Highway 59 cleaning up the ditches north of Ile des Chenes (24 kms). Motorists along this stretch have noticed an increase in trash in the ditches, mostly from garbage trucks coming from Winnipeg! Instead of letting it stay, Titan staff has stepped up and adopted the Hwy from Oak Grove Road to Willow Ridge Road. They have been out this entire week, and plan to be out there until the job is done! If you see them, give them a honk to say “thanks”.

Find out more in the June issue of Spotlight on Ile des Chenes”