ClosureTurf® Closure System

Titan is Proud to be a supplier and certified Installer of ClosureTurf® closure system for the waste and waste management industry.

ClosureTurf® consists of an impermeable structured geomembrane with a covering engineered synthetic turf. The heavy duty geomembrane includes studs on the top for high capacity drainage of rainfall, and spikes on the bottom providing the highest interface friction on the market. Designed to handle gas pressure build up, eliminate releases and avoid soil sliding, this closure system is proven to significantly outperform traditional vegetative closure methods as far as installation, maintenance and environmental compliance.



  • Reduces construction and long-term maintenance costs.
  • Minimizes slop rebuilding by improving short and long-term slope stability.
  • Performs highly in extreme weather conditions.
  • Provides better control over gas collection (when applicable).
  • Provides filtration for improved storm water runoff quality.
  • Reduces leachate and odors by allowing incremental closures (close as you go).
  • Durable and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Turf allows for traffic and does not require irrigation, fertilizing, seeding or mowing.
  • No anchor trenches needed = faster and low impact installation.
  • Soil slope structures such as landfills, industrial waste sites and other.



Soil slope structures such as landfills, industrial waste sites and other.

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