Bi-axial Geogrid (TE-BXPP)

Effective in increasing the bearing capacity and stabilization of low load bearing soils Titan’s range of TE-BXPP bi-axial geogrids are manufactured out of virgin PP – Polypropylene using a unique punching and drawing process. Monolithic they feature uniform square/rectangular apertures, thick integral nodes as well as thicker and wider ribs having a high degree of molecular orientation continuing in part through the mass of the integral node.

When  granular material is compacted over these geogrids it partially penetrates and projects through the apertures creating an interlocking action between the particles and the grid. This positive mechanical interlock enables the grid to resist horizontal shear from the fill and thereby mobilize the maximum bearing capacity of the soft subsoil.


Geogrid Reinforced Embankment On Soft Soil

Geogird-ReinforcementBiaxial 6






These geogrids are engineered to be mechanically and chemically stable in aggressive soil environments and are not attacked by aqueous solutions of salts, acids, or alkalis. They are not susceptible to hydrolysis, environmental stress cracking or micro-organisms attack and are formulated to resist ultraviolet light degradation.



  • Provides cost savings by reducing soil excavation and granular aggregate thickness.
  • Controls differential settlement and rutting.
  • Improves Traffic Benefit and Layer Coefficient ratios.
  • Prevents upward movement of the subgrade fines by pumping.
  • Increases pavement life cycle.
  • Eliminates the need for pile caps, vibro concrete columns, concrete rafts, stone piles etc., otherwise needed for the conventional alternatives in foundation support applications.
  • Minimizes undercutting and back filling.
  • Increases the effective bearing capacity beneath shallow spread footings.



  • Soil stabilization
  • Sub-base reinforcement
  • Foundation support
  • Heavy duty pavements
  • Railway ballast reinforcement over soft foundations
  • Access roads to oil platforms
  • Other highway challenges

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